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Day to Night Green Beauty Makeup Tutorial
for Women Over 40 with Kristen Arnett

You know what it's like - you've done your makeup earlier in the day. When it's time to get ready for the evening you just don't feel like taking it off and starting all over. Or, you receive a last minute invitation to hit the town and have only a few things in your kit to touch-up your face and get moving.

Not an ideal situation, we know. But it's possible to update your makeup and get out the door with a sophisticated evening look using a small collection of green beauty products.

We think you're going to love our new evening makeup tips from international makeup artist and healthy beauty expert, Kristen Arnett.

Using only a few natural makeup products from our Navago Indie brands, Kristen offers some simple, easy tips that will transform your look from day to night, in just a few short brush strokes.

Check out Kristen's video Day to Night Green Beauty Makeup Tutorial to learn how small extras can have a giant impact. And get out there and enjoy your evening!


Gia Minerals luxurious matte lipsticks are crafted with natural pigments and enriched with plant-based ingredients which create bright, vibrant colors. And it's a 98% organic product!

Kristen's Tip: Begin your morning to night makeover by building on your daytime look. Gia Minerals matte lipstick is perfect for day and evening.

Refresh Face Mist by Double Happiness

A botanical facial moisturizing treat, this Double Happiness Mist will hydrate, nourish and calm inflammation. Can be used throughout the day and as part of your day to evening, green beauty routine.

Kristen's Tip: Use Double Happiness Refresh Face Mist as a first step to reviving your look for an evening out!


Mayur Naturals Aloe-Based Foundation is available in six colors - one will be perfect for your skin type. Crafted with only organic ingredients like Shea butter and Vitamin E, it hydrates and soothes.

Kristen's Tip: A bit of your foundation worn off during the day? A good brush will allow you to 'spot' apply Mayur Naturals Foundation.


The Dome Beauty Eye Brush Set includes Eye Blender, Eye Shadow and Eye Liner brushes, making them the most versatile in your collection. Easily apply your makeup with these ultra-fine, soft bristles.

Kristen's Tip: Kristen uses all these Dome Brushes in her natural makeup tutorial. She loves the synthetic (cruelty-free!) composition and ease of makeup application.


Made with cooling peppermint essential oil, this Shea Brand natural lip balm won't upset sensitive lips. Not only does it contain beeswax, Vitamin E, Shea butter and coconut oil, but it comes in a zero-plastic, 100% recyclable tube.

Kristen's Tip: Shea Brand Lip Balm can be used on its own or as an invigorating and hydrating base for your lipstick.

Nourishing Eyebrow Pomade by Mayur Naturals

It's challenging to get a natural-looking brow. But Mayur Naturals Nourishing Eyebrow Pomade lets you use as little as you need to define and sculpt. Infused with castor oil which can help foster new growth for aging or over-tweezed brows.

Kristen's Tip: Add drama and definition without a stiff look. Use only a small amount of Mayur Naturals Eyebrow Pomade to enhance thinning brows or to cover 'naked spaces'.


Gia Minerals Natural Mineral Foundation delivers a flawless complexion and SPF 20 for all day protection! Non-comedogenic, waterproof and crafted with an organic, antioxidant-rich formula, your face will glow.

Kristen's Tip: Use a fine layer of Gia Minerals Powder Foundation to enrich your base and brighten, before color and highlights. Kristen suggests using this natural foundation to correct mistakes you may make with your blush or highlighter. Works like a charm!

Mineral Blush by Gia Minerals

Calendula, green tea and rosemary are the botanical ingredients in Gia Minerals Blush. Vibrant colors combine with a weightless feel to offer a natural, youthful glow to cheekbones.

Kristen's Tip: When going day to night, don't fret about the brightness of the Gia Minerals Blush color - you'll need these accents to counter the dimmer lights of evening.

Natural Face Highlighter by Naked Truth Beauty

Naked Truth Colors are nourishing, natural and not sticky or glittery. Packaged in our favorite cardboard tube that you can recycle when it's done!

Kristen's Tip: Apply Naked Truth Cheek with your finger, in 'strategic' spots - over/under brow, Cupid's bow, and of course on cheeks. This gives a romantic glow in the sultry evening lighting.

Conditioning Eyeshadow by Mayur Naturals

Mayur Naturals rice-based, pressed eye shadows are entirely toxin-free. Will not dry your skin because they're crafted from a nourishing blend of Jojoba, Vitamin E, grapeseed, rosemary and olive oils.

Kristen's Tip: Using the Dome Eyeshadow synthetic brush and a small amount of Mayur Naturals Eye Shadow, start at the center of the lid and brush up and out. Gives a sexy, smoky, smoldery look.


The Dome Eyeshadow Brush is infused with charcoal to prevent buildup of harmful bacteria. We love that! Use for an efficient, fluid and flawless application.

Kristen's Tip: Use the round edge of the Dome Eyeshadow Brush for a dramatic look. Use the tiny brush from the set (above) instead of a harsh eyeliner for a soft accent of your lower lid.

Natural Lash Mascara by Gia Minerals

Gia Minerals natural Mascara conditions and nourishes lashes with fruit and flower extracts. It will lengthen, thicken, strengthen, and won't flake, even when you're re-applying!

Kristen's Tip: Not something you can do with most conventional varieties, Gia Minerals Natural Lash Mascara will not cake or flake when you refresh it for your sophisticated, evening look.

Lip & Cheek Color by Naked Truth Beauty

Naked Truth Beauty products are made of the highest quality, mineral pigments for knock-out color! Free of toxins, and 100% organic, this creamy formula is ultra-hydrating.

Kristen's Tip: Add more moisture with Naked Truth Lip Color. Use your finger to apply and then buff to blend.


This Inkling Scents fragrance is a blend of sandalwood, white amber, lotus flower, orchid and rose, with a silky vanilla top note. A provocative combination that's so sexy, it's called 'Sultry'.

Kristen's Tip: Kristen loves Inkling Scents because they're alcohol-free and won't irritate sensitive skin. Apply to pulse points and anywhere you'd like to be kissed!

About Kristen

Kristen, who's been called a "Green Leader" by ELLE Magazine and a "Natural Beauty Guru" by Whole Living, is one of the first and still few, global makeup artists working exclusively with non-toxic, natural and organic makeup. She delivers high-performance results that help keep her clients' skin looking spectacular under any circumstances - garnering praise from celebrities, top models and regular women, just like us . . .