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The Ultimate
Feel Good Guide
for the Holidays

The holidays are a time of joy and meaningful connection with loved ones. They can also be incredibly stressful.

You deserve a healthy holiday for your mind, body, and spirit, and we have tips to help! Continue reading...

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Natural Face Scrub Detoxifying and Cleansing - Earthy Walnut
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Rose Infused Bath Oil
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Floral Bath Tea
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Geranium Face Toner
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Formula N7 Cucumber Spritz for Face & Body
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Synergetic Herbal Cream
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All Natural Raw Everyday Shea Butter (12 oz)
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Exfoliating Mud - 4 oz
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Sacred Presence Face Mist
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i am strong yoga mat
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Favorite Mani/Pedi - Nail Lacquer,Shine/Prime Coat, Remover
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Body, Mind & Spirit Ritual Set

Mature Women Beauty
Try our tips to addressing the most common concerns of mature skin. Read...

Waterless Beauty Trend
We promise going water-free (or reducing your water usage in cosmetic products) is way simpler than it sounds. Read...

How to Cover Gray Eyebrows and Lashes
Graying hair in brows and lashes is completely normal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it. Read...

Spotlight Stories & Videos

Giving Back to Their African Workforce
Look good and feel good. Eu’Genia Shea donates 15% of profits to their growers. Read…

How's Your Fingernail Health?
Learn about healthy nails and have fun reading about how AILA names their polishes. Read…

A Minimalist Approach to Skincare
Simple, pure, natural. Detox and nourish using ancient and scientific remedies. Read...

Baiser Beauty
 Experience natural beauty from within and out. Simple beauty is the best beauty.

Feel beautiful without compromising your health. Dr. Cary explains AILA Nail Lacquers.

Pure Shea Butter from Eu’Genia suits all skin types. It is NOT like other shea butters.

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Important tips every yoga beginner should know before taking a class. Read...

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Winter Skin Guide
The guys at Navago know - Shaving can truly be an art. Read...

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