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Benefits of
a Plant-based,
Vegan Lifestyle

At Navago, we appreciate the connection between food and wellbeing. But sometimes we don't feel as healthy as we'd like.

Are you curious about your own inside/outside connection? Interested in exploring a vegan diet? Or just introducing more plant-based items to your diet? Continue reading ...

Natural vs Organic: Beware the Differences
Considering the switch to Organic and Natural Skincare? Be mindful. Read...

Educating Yourself on Skincare Products
Be aware of what’s on the labels of your lotions, potions, serums and body care. Read...

Tips for Fall Skincare
Fall is here, which means it's time to let go of our summer skincare routines. Read...

Spotlight Stories & Videos

Considering the Switch to Organic Skincare?
Be as mindful of what you put on your body as what you put into it. No compromises necessary. Read...

Giving Back to Their African Workforce
Look good and feel good. Eu’Genia Shea donates 15% of profits to their growers. Read…

Things Aren't Always What They Seem
Be aware of the 'myths' associated with clean beauty, as well as those in 'big' beauty. Read...

Mayur Naturals
The benefits of modern methods mixed with ancient remedies. Mayur Naturals has it all.

Pure Shea Butter from Eu’Genia suits all skin types. It is NOT like other shea butters.

Handcrafted with passion, Alluvian's organic shaving products & soaps are made for today's man!

Featured Products
main product image
White Howlite Bracelet with Tibetan Drum Bead
main product image
Black & White Moss Agate Bracelet with Silver Ball Bead
main product image
Grey Moss Agate Bracelet with Tibetan Drum Bead
main product image
Grey Map Bracelet with Authentic Thai Amulet
main product image
Camellia Roll-On Perfume Oil
main product image
Camellia Perfume Oil
main product image
VIBE: Geranium and Sweet Orange Essential Oil Blend
main product image
HAPPY: Grapefruit and Bergamot Essential Oil Blend
main product image
Set of 5 100% Pure Fragrance - Small Roll-on Bottles
main product image
Hint of Lavender Fragrance - Mini Roll-On
main product image
Empress Fragrance - Inkwell Set
main product image
Gardenia Veil Fragrance - Steel Flask
Good Reads

Tips for Healthy Winter Skin
Your body needs more attention in the winter. Here are some tips for good winter health. Read...

Yoga and Mindfulness Through the Holidays
Don't be a victim of your stress! These suggestions will help you manage it! Read...

10 Yoga Poses That Fend Off Stress
Simple yoga poses anyone can do that will ease your mind and calm your soul. Read...

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