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Becoming familiar with eco-conscious materials and packaging, and ways to support brands with high standards for the materials and processes they use, are great ways for the eco-curious to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

It may seem overwhelming to give up plastic at first. But a few changes to your regular habits and they will soon become routine. Continue reading...

Eco-Friendly Products
main product image
Charcoal Tooth Powder Family Pack
main product image
Deluxe Organic Deodorant, Face + Body Balm, & Lip Balm Set
main product image
Lip & Cheek Color
main product image
Cream Eyeshadow
main product image
i am love yoga mat
main product image
i am a superhero yoga mat
main product image
Cork Yoga Mat - Elephant
main product image
Peacock Cork Yoga Wheel
main product image
Bloom - Cork Yoga Mat (Youth)
main product image
Transfer - Cork Yoga Backpack
main product image
All-In-One Yoga Mat - West Coast
main product image
Practice + Play Round Mat - Ocean

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