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Easy 5-Minute
Makeup Tutorial
for Women Over 40

Have you been searching in vain for some simple, easy makeup techniques that will work for a woman your age and won’t waste an hour of your precious time? We know how difficult it can be when all the blogs and videos seem to be tailored to someone much younger.

We’re thrilled to once again partner with international makeup artist and healthy beauty expert Kristen Arnett, who has some great tips, tricks and techniques for women over 40! Continue reading…

Recommended by Kristen Arnett
main product image
Face Oil - Renew + Repair - 2 oz
main product image
Natural Nourishing Eye Serum
main product image
Natural Face, Body and Cleansing Oil Set
main product image
Hydrating Concealer
main product image
Natural Tinted Mineral Sunscreen - SPF 50
main product image
Natural Lash Mascara
main product image
Natural Mineral Foundation - SPF 20
main product image
Set of 5 100% Pure Fragrance - Small Roll-on Bottles
main product image
Hint of Lavender Fragrance - Full Roll-On
main product image
Lip & Cheek Color
main product image
Cream Eyeshadow
main product image
Eye Brush Set

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Inkling Scents
Alcohol-free, vegan and natural, Inkling Scents are pure perfume & essential oils.

Olive + M
The olive oil used by Olive+M is antioxidant and akin to what’s produced naturally.

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