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Mariska, the founder of Indie brand Olive + M has spent almost a decade fighting a seemingly endless battle – convincing people to use oil as the main ingredient in their facial, beauty regimens. 

Here's what she has to say about 'Big Beauty' and how certain skincare practices can do more harm than good.  Continue reading ...

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Fall Skincare 
Fall is here, which means it's time to let go of our summer skincare routines and prepare for cooler weather. Here are a few changes we can make to get our skin ready for Fall. read ...

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem
If you’re already committed to healthier, natural or organic skincare, make sure you’re aware of the ‘myths’ associated with clean beauty, as well as those in ‘big’ beauty. read ...

Natural Versus Organic: Beware the Differences
Unlike Europe, few standards exist here for controlling "natural" and "organic" claims made for beauty products. So, how do you make the choices right for you?  read ...


Good for 'Big Beauty, Not So Good for You!
There are alternatives to the use of harsh chemical solvents and FD&C colors and eco-unfriendly packaging. Check these out in this article.  read ...

Why All the Skincare Preservatives?
We asked Dr. Nina Naidu, founder of Anokha Skincare and a practicing plastic surgeon, about the science behind the preservative vs shelf life/contamination dilemma. read...

What's Driving Organic Beauty Products?
The beauty industry, Melissa of Kunye points out, is undergoing a change similar to the food industry's when we started questioning what we were eating. read ...

Meli Wraps
The amount of plastic used today is unnecessary and harmful for the environment. Listen to founders Nicole and Melia talk about a more sustainable way to preserve your food.

Herbal Heart Apothecary
Using timeless, natural methods, Heather and Sierra create herbal, floral and botanical infusions, for your daily beauty rituals. Watch their story.

Kiss Me Honey
Listen to founder Kellie talk about her inspiration to make her own line of lip balm after witnessing her child eating one that was full of harsh ingredients. 

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Klō Duo Oil Cleanser + Serum (oily/acne-prone)
main product image
Mineral Mask & Enriched Balm Concentrate Facial Treatment
main product image
Neroli Flower Water
main product image
Organic Face Mist - Refreshing and Hydrating
main product image
Natural Mineral Foundation - SPF 20
main product image
Eye Radiance - Perfection Concealer
main product image
All Natural Everyday Shea Butter Gift Pack (Four 1.6oz tins)
main product image
Jasmine & Honey Face Cleansing Milk
main product image
A.M. / P.M. Duo - Plump . Clear . Rejuvenate
main product image
Lip & Cheek Color in "Promise Me, Rose"
main product image
Nourishing Cuticle Oil
main product image
Normal Skin Day Facial Oil

Adult Acne: How to Clear It With Natural Solutions
Thought you’d left acne behind you but seeing more breakouts than ever? You're not alone. In adults aged 20 to 40, up to 55 percent battle adult acne.  read ...

Scary Stuff in Your Teen’s Personal Care Products
These products contain some of the most hazardous cosmetic ingredients, but they aren’t the only ones that should concern you. more ...

7 Shocking Truths You Wanted to Know
Curious about natural beauty but overwhelmed by untrustworthy information. We ask indie beauty brands the questions you want answered?  more ...