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How to Make a Shave Last Longer

It’s a good guess that women and men spend around three to four minutes, several times each week, shaving their faces, legs, bikini lines, and underarms. That adds up to … well, a lot of minutes! With that much time taken from your life on hair removal, you may as well know how to make a shave last longer.

If this almost daily task seems like a no-brainer, you may be surprised to learn that a few shaving tips can give your smooth skin a bit longer shelf life. Totally worth it if you’d like to learn how to shave (*wink*) minutes off your skincare routine.

Here’s How to Make a Shave Last Longer

Fresh razor – When it comes to shaving tips, this is the most important. Dull blades drag on skin and can cause razor burn and small abrasions. Switch out your razor after 5-10 shaves, or if it is dull or rusty, for a smooth shave that won’t irritate skin.

Don’t share – Doing double duty means your razor wears out faster. Plus, shaving creates tiny nicks in the skin and sharing razors can transfer bacteria. While it may seem more cost effective and eco-conscious to share with your significant other, using your own razor is the safest way to go. Share the shower, not the shaving tools.

Prep skin – Whether shaving your face, legs, bikini line or underarms, it’s important to prepare skin to get the smoothest shave. Use a gentle exfoliant to loosen dead skin cells and sebum. This will soften the skin, unclog hair follicles, and release trapped hairs so they are easier to shave.

Moisturize with oils – Shave gels may be fun to use, but shave oils and soaps are a better bet for a longer lasting shave. These oils soften skin and hair follicles, and plump up whiskers, making them easier for the razor to grab. This also means a closer shave. As an added bonus, your skin is unbelievably soft post-shave. To get the most from a shave oil or soap, steam skin slightly in the shower or with a wet washcloth prior to application.

With or against? – Ah, the big question. Most shaving tips recommend going in the direction of hair growth when shaving areas of the body, and in the direction of hair growth when shaving the face. Wondering how to shave and buy more razor-free time? Swipe both ways! With the first pass of your razor, go in the direction your hair grows (it will feel smooth, not stubbly, when you run your hand over it) to create short whiskers that are easier for the razor to reach. Once hairs are cropped close to skin, make another pass with the razor in the opposite direction, against hair growth, for a super close shave.

Post-shave care – Now that you are closely shaven, there is one more vital step to happy, smooth skin. A post-shave moisturizer will keep skin soft and helps to prevent redness, irritation, and ingrown hairs. Use a facial oil from natural skincare brands with lightly hydrating ingredients that also have soothing properties, like jojoba and sea buckthorn. For body, organic skincare products with sweet almond and apricot oils give skin a smooth, nourished feel. As for that bikini area? A dab of shea butter will prevent the appearance of razor bumps.