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The New Waterless Beauty Trend: What You Need to Know

You want your choices to make a difference in the current climate crisis. Still, it may feel like you have to choose between what you truly love about your beauty routine and what’s best for the environment when it comes to living sustainably. Even if you are using cosmetics and personal care created by natural indie beauty brands.

The good news is, that outlook is changing as beauty brands put sustainability at the forefront of their business. The newest trend is waterless beauty. It may sound strange but creating a water-free beauty routine is easier than it sounds.

What is Waterless Beauty?

Don’t worry, this trend doesn’t mean washing your face without water. Waterless beauty refers to the ingredients in the products you use. Any product that doesn’t have water in its list of ingredients is waterless.

Water is at the top of the ingredients list of many skincare products. Some products need water in their formula to stabilize active ingredients. In others, it’s used as a filler.

You may be surprised to find that you already have some waterless products in your regimen. Shampoo bars, cleansing balms, and facial oils are all generally water-free.

Benefits of Water-free Beauty

The waterless trend is better for the environment. This trend means less waste and often times less packaging. Products that aren’t prediluted have a longer shelf life, so they ship less often and reduce transportation emissions.

The water-free beauty trend protects water as a precious resource, saving it for more important things, like sustaining life on earth. It’s also good for the consumer because you get more bang for your beauty bucks. Think of it this way – a solid, balm, or oil formula is concentrated, so you’re spending money on active ingredients instead of water.

Many water-free beauty products can serve double-duty. Natural oils and plant butters are good for deeply cleansing the skin and make excellent moisturizers. No need for a ten-step skincare system when one or two waterless products will do the trick.

How to Create a Beauty Routine With Less Water

A solid beauty routine usually consists of a cleanser, a toner or facial mist, and a moisturizer. Toners generally have active ingredients in them to target specific skin issues like breakouts or fine lines. Facial mists and essences have plant extracts that benefit the skin in a gentle way. This step also helps amplify the benefits of your moisturizer. These two products are examples of those that require water as their delivery system.

If you love your toner or facial mist, you don’t need to quit using it. Make sure to prioritize the water-based products your skin loves and skip those you can live without.

There are many cleansers and moisturizers that don’t use water and are still highly effective. Oil-based cleansers are a great way to cut water from your beauty routine. Putting oil on your face is nothing to be scared of. Castor oil is especially effective at dissolving dirt, oil, and makeup.

The best place to find waterless beauty products is by shopping natural indie beauty brands. Many natural brands are ahead of the curve with the water-free trend and offer products that support a sustainable routine. Check ingredient listings to see if a product is water-based (the terms “water” or “aqua” will usually be one of the first ingredients) and opt for products made with oils and butters.

Incorporating water-free beauty products into your routine is an easy step towards sustainability. Using water-based products sparingly and making room for more oil-based multitaskers will set you up with an environmentally-friendly skincare ritual.