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Deep Dive with Amoda Tea Founder Tegan Woo

Tea has a number of health benefits, but many on the market today are massed produced and less than ideal. Tegan, the founder of Amoda Tea, shares her journey and inspiration to create healthy and affordable tea.

06/18/2021

The New Waterless Beauty Trend: What You Need to Know

Incorporating water-free beauty products into your routine is an easy step towards sustainability. Using water-based products sparingly and making room for more oil-based multitaskers will set you up with an environmentally-friendly skincare ritual.

11/28/2019

Makeup Tips for Over 40: How to Highlight Mature Skin

Before you throw your favorite highlighter in the trash, find out how to highlight mature skin with makeup tips that can save your glow.

10/17/2019

Moisture vs Hydration: Yes, You Need to Know the Difference

If it seems there’s not a skincare product on the planet that will get your dry skin feeling better, there is one thing you may not have considered. Is your skin in need of moisture or hydration? Learn the differences as well as way to get your dry skin feeling better fast.

08/29/2019

How to Make a Shave Last Longer

 You may be surprised to learn that a few shaving tips can give your smooth skin a bit longer shelf life. Keep on reading to learn how to shave minutes off your skincare routine.

08/21/2019

Skin Irritation and the Hidden Ingredient You Need to Know About

If there’s one thing that can truly throw your beauty routine out of whack, it’s skin irritation. There is one ingredient that’s often hiding in skincare and cosmetics known to cause this.

08/15/2019

How Navago is Changing the Natural Beauty Conversation

If you happen to be feeling the slightest bit overwhelmed by the vast selection of products on the market, and also more than a little underwhelmed by the lack of authenticity and trust factor, there are a couple of people you definitely need to meet.

08/08/2019

My Vegan Journey: Why I Adopted a Plant-based, Vegan Lifestyle

At Navago, we appreciate the connection between food and wellbeing. But sometimes we don’t feel as healthy as we’d like. Are you curious about your own inside/outside connection? Interested in exploring a vegan diet? Or just introducing more plant-based items to your diet?

02/11/2019

Educating Yourself on Skincare Products

Pick up one of your creams and check out the ingredients on the back. How many names do you recognize? How many look like random groups of letters found in an advanced chemistry textbook? These days many of us know very little about the ingredients that go into our skincare products.

02/11/2019