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Always On-The-Go Bundle
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Always on the go? No time to make a latte before you head to work? Need a brain boost, but all you have is hot water? We've got the bundle for you.

Formula for making healthy choices on the go =
A matcha latte with no sugar, fillers or flavourings (Matcha Glow) +
A chai latte the fuels your best asset, your brain (Brainiac Chai)

Matcha Glow is our all-in-one matcha latte, just add to water! Matcha Glow is an energizing matcha latte blended with our dairy-free tocos coconut creamer to wake up your mind and help you look and feel refreshed. Brighten your day, feel revitalized and hydrate your skin from the inside out. Rich matcha with vegetal notes and mellow umami, deliciously creamy coconut and a mild natural sweetness. Get your glow on!

Brainiac Chai is your new brain boosting morning ritual for focus and cognition support. Enjoy Brainiac Chai mixed into your morning cup of matcha, tea or coffee to get you super focused without any additional caffeine. Push through the afternoon slump without caffeine by mixing Brainiac Chai with hot water. Get ready to own that big project, get your study on and tackle those looming deadlines. Handle tasks with fluidity and lean into creative flow.

Save $4 when bundled together here.


  • On-the-go, travelling or at work.

  • Studying, working, or any activity that requires focus for long periods of time.

  • Times when your thoughts aren't clear and concise, you're fatigued and forgetful.
  • When you want an energy boost without caffeine!


    • On-the-go or at work when you don't have milk to make a latte. There's coconut milk powder in the sachet!

    • A clean, sustained energy boost.

    • When you need some help focusing.

    • Everyday radiant skin. 

    • Hydrating your skin from the inside out. 


      Matcha Latte Blend/Glow:
      All organic ingredients: coconut milk powder (contains tapioca maltodextrin 2.5%, acacia fibre 0.5%), matcha, tocotrienols (rice bran solubles), tremella mushroom extract, amla berry, stevia*.   *the stevia is very light. This product is not sweet.

      Contains 1500 mg of Japanese matcha, 500 mg of tremella mushroom extract, 1000 mg of tocotrienols and 200 mg of amla. 

      10 sachets per box (5.6 g per sachet)

      Chai latte blend/Brainiac:
      All organic ingredients: coconut milk powder (contains tapioca maltodextrin 2.5%, acacia fibre 0.5%), lions mane extract, rhodiola rosea extract, mucuna pruriens extract (min. 15%), bacopa monnieri extract (>50% bacopasides), Ceylon cinnamon powder, ginger powder, clove powder, cardamom powder, allspice powder, nutmeg powder, stevia*. *the stevia is very light. This product is not sweet.

      10 sachets per box (5.6 g per sachet)
      750 mg of lions mane mushroom per sachet 


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