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Troubled Complexion? Tired of Overpaying for Skincare Solutions That Don't Work?

Stephany, the founder of Amazonia Organic Skincare, became a Master Cosmetic Formulation chemist for a very important reason: She was frustrated with the limited, Big Beauty offerings for women like her, who didn’t have a perfect complexion… This is her story.

Navago: We understand that you felt something like an obligation to bring affordable, effective skincare to those who needed it.

Stephany: Yes! I found that large corporations were over-charging and over-selling their so-called ‘solutions’. As an example: Big Beauty Brands like Proactiv®  spend up to 25% of their revenue on advertising. Compared to that, Indie Brands spend little, or at least much less than that! For big commercial Brands, the actual cost of manufacturing their products are extremely low, often less than 5% of the retail value. Sometimes, this can represent much, much less as a percentage for a more expensive product! 

Navago: Can you cite any specifics here?

Stephany: A prime example: the key ingredient that goes into La Mer's famous moisturizing cream costs less than a dollar an ounce, and they charge over $100 for it! This cheap ingredient is derived from petroleum, costs almost nothing, and is the same primary ingredient that is found in Vaseline… They spend all their money on making it look like it's some special and magical thing when it's not.

Navago: And how are companies like Amazonia different?

Stephany: Indie Brands spend more money on manufacturing their products as they are usually sole proprietors who aren’t as driven by investors concerned by maximizing profit. Also, a lot of the Indie Brands only sell online, which cuts their overhead by more than half, and allows them to sell better products, and charge less for them.

Navago: What was your motivation for starting Amazonia?

Stephany: I became a skincare chemist because I had super problematic skin that I wanted to fix and no products that I used actually worked, or even made a difference. I wanted to make a few good, ‘super products’ with expensive ingredients that actually did something, so I made them for myself.

I never even planned on selling them! I just used them and then all my friends and family were like – Whoa! Your skin looks so good we want to use what you're using! – so I started selling to them and then they told their friends and eventually it became a business.

Navago: And why do you think you’ve been so successful?

Stephany: I think what sets Amazonia apart is that I created products with the intention of making them as concentrated, effective, simple, streamlined, and safe as possible, rather than trying to create something cheap to maximize profit.

That obviously does not mean that every Indie brand does that, but many Indie brands have a product in mind that doesn't exist in the world, and because it doesn't exist they create that product. And because they want that ‘super product’, many others do too. 

I created Amazonia skin care products because I wanted a simple three-step process that would cleanse, tone and hydrate. I also needed it to hit all the main serum categories; I didn't want to do the 13-step skincare routine, but I wanted all of the benefits. So instead of making 13 products with 1-5% active ingredients, I made a few amazing products with 100% actives.

Navago: And what’s in store for the future of Amazonia?

Stephany:  People who have used my products have asked if I will copyright them so that other companies won't make products with the same ingredients. But, I know that I don't have to worry about it because no skin care company will ever make products with so many expensive ingredients because this would lower their margins. They keep making the cheapest products possible and selling them for the highest price.

I combine the most expensive ingredients to make the best products ever while keeping the price as low as possible.

Navago: The takeaway? Make sure you know what you’re buying! Ask questions! Read labels! Speak to your friends! Do your research! Only then will you feel confident that you’re getting what you’re paying for.