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For Shopify Artisans

If you're a Shopify artisan committed to crafting, raising or harvesting natural or organic products, read on to discover how Navago can help you reach consumers passionate about the type of products you offer:

  1. By joining Navago, you're part of our community of artisans and consumers who share our dedication to healthy, high quality artisanal products.
  2. We've made it really easy to load and synchronize your Shopify products automatically to Navago, and for purchases on Navago to be seamlessly updated into your store.
  3. We provide you with new customers and new revenue. With no setup fees or up-front costs, a small commission on Navago purchases is our incentive to produce results.

If you are a Shopify artisan that would like to participate on Navago, or would like more information on using Navago as a new channel to connect with our passionate, ever-growing audience, click here.

Introducing Navago

Navago is a marketplace for Shopify artisans who make or produce their own products. The motto of our site is "Good for Your Body and Soul, Naturally", and we give preference to artisans whose products are natural and/or organic.

Joining Navago is by invitation only, so when you express interest in becoming a Navago artisan we first review your site and products to ensure they are a good fit. Once approved, you will receive an invitation code to complete the signup process.

We are focused on Shopify merchants because we've tightly integrated with their platform and have designed our system to automate the process of keeping your store and our marketplace in sync. This reduces your workload and lets you focus on the things you already do for product management and fulfillment.

Navago's goal is to create a vibrant marketplace where artisans can introduce their products to an audience passionate about finding a source of quality natural and organic artisanal products.

Program Highlights

Here's an overview of the features that make promoting your products on Navago easy and rewarding:

Navago's Free App Connects Directly to Your Shopify Store: Your products are automatically synced to Navago with any changes made in your Shopify store: adding new products, dropping discontinued ones, updating prices and sale items, and handling out-of-stocks.

Navago Orders Are Synced Automatically to Your Shopify Store: you fulfill Navago orders in Shopify, just like your direct orders. When you fulfill (or refund) an order, details are synced back to Navago.

Available in the US and Canada: Navago has a US and a Canadian site. At this time, you can participate in the site that matches your store's base currency. If you have sites for each country (e.g., a US .com and Canadian .ca site), you can sell on both the US and Canadian Navago sites.

Low Commissions on Navago Sales: We charge a commission rate of 15% on purchases made on Navago. Our focus is on helping you grow your business, so we've kept commissions low. Our commissions go back into promoting Navago and our participating artisans.

Monthly Payments: We reconcile purchases and refunds on the 15th of each month for the previous month. There's a minimum threshold of $50 for payouts, so any balance lower than that will be carried forward until the threshold is met.

What About Shipping? Each merchant sets their own shipping policy and rates on Navago. Our multi-merchant shopping cart manages the shipping charges merchant by merchant.

A New Marketing Channel: We look after marketing, advertising on paid channels and promoting your brand on our social channels. We feature our Shopify merchants and products on our site page and email newsletters. You receive your own brand page featuring your story and products.

Participation & Exposure in a Like-Minded Community of Passion: Our audience is passionate about artisans who create and sell amazing products and are highly receptive to your story and your artisanal products.