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Immune Warrior 1 : Immune Boosting Herbal Elixir
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Immune boosting is key to staying healthy during seasonal transitions, cold and flu season and if your immunity is low. How would you know if your immune system is weak? If you get sick often. This tonic, when taken daily can help aid the immune system by strengthening it's function in fighting pathogens.
Can take Immune Warrior 1 when sick to expedite the healing process, or take as preventative measures so minimize risk of getting sick. The best defense against virus and bacteria is a strong immune system.
Safe for kids. To evaporate alcohol, place dops in boiling hot water and in 3 minute the alcohol evaporates.

Warning with auto-immune disorders if taking immuno suppressants. While the herbs in this formula are immuno modulators, meaning they neither boost or reduce the immune system, they can work against medications such as prednisone.

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