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Hydra Renew Cleanser
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Hydra Renew Cleanser uses gentle, natural ingredients to cleanse, brighten, nourish, and soften the skin. This pro-vitamin and raw-honey-infused cleanser washes away dirt and other impurities without leaving skin feeling tight or stripped of its natural goodness while Jojoba beads provide mild exfoliation. Skin is left perfectly clean yet supple - perfect for daily use.

Key Ingredients:
- Local, raw, sustainably sourced honey hydrates, nourishes, soothes, and heals skin.

- Jojoba oil offers deep, long-lasting hydration and is full of nutrients like Vitamin E and B, as well as antioxidants and minerals like chromium, copper, and zinc to nourish and protect the skin.

- D-Panthenol is deeply moisturizing, beneficial in wound healing and repairing damaged cells and tissues, and acts as a protective barrier on the skin surface preventing moisture loss.
- Non-comedogenic.


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