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Hip and Chick Organiks

Support Contact:

Email: maria@hipandchick.com

Frustrated with the limited selection of healthy, natural skincare available to them, Maria & Vanessa set out to create their own.

This innovative mother and daughter team responsible for Hip & Chick Organiks was committed to formulating natural body care products using organic ingredients without sacrificing the most indulgent aromas and luxurious textures they loved.

Once they'd dedicated themselves to this passion project, Maria & Vanessa sought out the flowers, fruits, essential oils and natural elements that would make up their bath and body line.

After many long hours, days and months testing lush, organic ingredients with those intoxicating scents, they arrived at the magic combinations. Available in an extensive line of sugar scrubs and soy candles for women (and men!) are Maui Wowie, Grapefruit Gypsy, Mellow Yellow, Trippy Hippie, Purple Haze, Midnight Sun and more.

Having left the urban sprawl of San Francisco's East Bay and now residing in the beach town of Santa Cruz, CA, Maria & Vanessa blissfully handcraft luscious batches of sugar scrubs, lotions, oils, butters and soy candles using only the purest organic ingredients available.