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Divine Drops

Support Contact:

Email: hello@divinedrops.org

Divine Drops was created for ALL women. Through every drop you purchase, up to six lives will be forever changed with a sustainable solution, a community of peers, and someone to remind her how precious yet powerful she is. You can provide them with the opportunity to prioritize their education, health, and purpose - without letting any rainy period day get in the way.

We are a revolution. We're the line on top of the period (!!!). We’re here to break the stereotypes, the stigmas, and the boys' wrists that still think our menstruation is “gross.” We’re here to say Sir, did you forget where you came from? and Sis, did you forget about the magic within you?!"

As a true 501c3 non-profit, we want to be transparent on where your money goes and how it helps our mission. We want to gain the name as a trusted resource and inspiration for all women. Our board of directors are filled entirely with women - powerful women at that, who are all board-certified medical professionals!