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Freda & Wolf
Empowered System
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This 3 step system by Freda & Wolf is all you need for perfect skin so you can step out into the world feeling confident and empowered!

STEP 1: Cleanse

STEP 2: Mist

STEP 3: Moisturize

The Clarifying Cleanser is deliciously scented and uplifts your spirit while foaming and bubbling until your face is clean and soft. This non-drying cleanser is a rockstar at removing makeup and leaving skin soft as a baby's bum! Pairs with the 1st chakra- the chakra of security and groundedness.

The Hydra Mist can dual as a cleansing tonic or as an anti-aging, skin clearing spritz. This products is unique and a total game changer! The fountain of youth in an energetically clearing mist. Pairs with the 3rd chakra- the chakra of empowerment.

The Glow Serum is an oil based humectant with plant squalane that locks in moisture and leaves kin dewy, glowing and non-greasy. It lightly scented with floral essential oils. Can be used morning or night or added to foundation for a flawless look.


1 oz Clarifying Cleanser
1 oz Hydra Mist
1 oz Glow Serum


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