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One Week Set
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THE ONE: If you had to choose, this is 'the one' to get you started.
Set Comes With: 3 Small Pads, 5 Medium Pads, 3 Overnight Pads

Please Note:
*Pattern is sent Random and may differ from images shown.
*Pads are 1st generation of hannahpads. These do not have non-slip backing.

Certified Organic Cotton: Our organic hannahpad cloth pads are certified by Control Union.
Unbleached & Undyed: No harmful chemicals in the fabrics.
Leak Proof & Breathable: Inside coating is made of high quality TPU which allows air to flow through while resisting water.
High Quality Snaps: High quality plastic snaps that minimize allergic reaction & are 100% recyclable.

"One Week" set is a good starting place to try out hannahpads. Small pads got you covered for the light flowing early and finishing days while the medium pads got your back during your mid-period. For those heavy flow days and nights, the overnight pads are there for you. On average, this set will be enough if you wash and dry throughout your period, but you may need more than 1 set depending on your usage and washing routine.

hannahpads are reusable organic cotton cloth pads that will last for 2-3 years with good care, which means ONE hannahpad can replace up to 150 disposable pads! If you've been wanting to change your lifestyle to a healthier and more sustainable one, make the switch today!


Step 1. Rinse using COLD water.
Step 2. Lather and soak hannahpad in cold water with washing detergent for minimum six hours or overnight for the best result.
Step 3. Hand washing is preferred, but you can simply put them into a washing machine. It is recommended using EM type detergent without fabric softener. DO NOT machine dry as this will damage the waterproof outer-shell.
Step 4. Hang in the sun to dry.


3 x Small Pad
5 x Medium Pad
3 x Overnight Pad


100% Organic Cotton Top Sheet & Absorbent Layers, TPU coating on printed natural cotton

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