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How to Make Earth Day Every Day with Sustainable, Natural Products

Earth Day may be relegated to one day a year but should be recognized on all 365, don’t you think? If you missed the celebration on April 22nd, no worries - we’ve assembled some simple steps that we can all add to our daily lives. From using sustainable natural products to getting involved locally, these will make recognizing the importance of this annual event a year-round experience.

‘The more the merrier!’ should be the Earth Day slogan. As in, the more people taking steps to preserve the health of our Earth, the greater the benefits. Rather than thinking about doing everything that matters, incorporating one of the items from the list below and adding on from there is totally doable. And remember, every little bit counts!

5 Ways to Protect Our Earth, Every Day

1. Say No to Single Use Plastics: Scientists estimate the amount of plastic that makes its way into our oceans each year is around 8 million metric tons. Yes, TONS! Items like straws, bottles and bags pollute land and sea and break down into micro-plastics that find their way into the food we eat and, a recent study found, even in the air we breathe. Easy contributions? Don’t forget to bring your reusable totes when grocery shopping. Use the far preferable alternatives to storing food that replace plastic wrap. Opt for glass containers. And try composting vegetable and other food waste.

2. Say Yes to Biodegradable and Compostable Materials: Packaging abounds these days as online shopping and convenience items continue to grow. We mentioned the detrimental effects of plastics to marine and plant life above. But plastics are also associated with negative health risks to humans. Phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA) in plastics are linked to hormone disruption, which is why it’s important to keep them from leaching into land and waterways. Choose sustainable natural products made with biodegradable and compostable materials whenever possible.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: This idea is just as relevant now as when we were in grade school. Landfills loaded with trash and plastics are not good for us or the environment. Learn about recycling in your area, set up a spot in your home for recycled waste items, and get the whole family involved. Support eco-conscious brands that utilize sustainable packaging, like recycled paper, vegetable ink and water-soluble packing peanuts.

4. Don’t Add to the Toxic Load: Do you think that using conventional beauty and personal care items only affects your body? Think again! Those chemicals are washed down the drain and pollute soil and water, leading to potential contamination, hormonal disruption, and other potentially serious health risks. Choosing sustainable, environmentally sound green beauty and organic skincare products for your family is not only better for your wellbeing, but for the health of the Earth too.

5. Participate Locally: Take part in local clean-up days on beaches and in parks near you. Volunteer at recycling events. Spread the word on how to safely dispose of toxic household chemicals. Bike or walk to work. There are many ways to get involved that support the wellbeing of your community. Not so much going on where you live? Start a group that picks up garbage on walking trails or hold a straw-free party to promote awareness and benefits of using less plastic.

Small changes may not seem like enough to make a difference with a problem as huge as climate change. But any steps in the right direction, from cutting back on plastics to choosing eco-friendly brands, are all beneficial. Plus, you’ll set a good example for your children and neighbors. It all starts with us!