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Your Big, Beautiful Natural Beauty Guide for Fall

Fall is a beautiful season. So, why does skin tend to look less than lustrous this time of year? Dealing with seasonal skin changes can be challenging. Maybe your skin feels dry but thick creams leave it greasy. Your complexion feels rough but exfoliation doesn’t seem to help. And let’s not even get started on the pale, sallow skin tone.

You need our natural beauty guide for fall! A few fall essentials will ramp up the effects of your existing natural beauty products and your friends will soon be asking for your secrets.

Your Natural Beauty Guide: 8 Fall Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin

1. More (Light) Moisture: Your skin definitely needs added moisture once fall sets in, even if it’s still humid outside. Give skin a feeling of balance when weather is variable with lightly moisturizing ingredients.. Try adding in a facial oil made with jojoba and avocado oils. To ramp up moisturization without having to deal with greasiness, apply a night cream that goes to work while you sleep.

2. Protect Against Sensitivity: Dry skin often looks red and feels irritated. Use a skin mask that keeps skin well moisturized and includes ingredients that lend a soothing sensation, like calendula and green tea, to protect against feelings of skin upset.

3. Exfoliate Gently: Does your skin feel extra rough and bumpy this time of year? While it is important to exfoliate year-round, your summertime slougher may not be getting the job done in cooler months. Once the season changes from warm to cool, it may seem like your skin needs to be exfoliated every day, but a scrub can damage skin if performed too often. Opt for a face treatment that includes natural exfoliants, like lactic acid, to gently slough away dry skin while you wear it.

4. Brighten and Lighten: Those days under the summer sun can leave skin looking a bit spotty, even when you wear sun protection. To diminish the appearance of uneven skin tone and dark spots, apply a facial serum with natural skin brightening ingredients, like vitamin C and coffee seed oil. One of the hottest fall beauty tips ever!

5. Don’t Forget Your Digits: Hands and feet can become dry in a hurry. Be sure to keep them feeling soft and smooth by exfoliating and slathering on a rich balm each night at bed time.

6. Rethink Body Care: It’s a no brainer to switch up your skincare for fall but sometimes the skin on your body gets forgotten. To keep your skin feeling smooth and healthy, use a moisturizing body wash made with aloe and shea butter. Bonus? It smells like summer! And swap out your lotion for a body oil.

7. Boost Glow Factor: It’s a letdown when your summer glow disappears with the hot weather. A creamy highlighter is one of the best fall makeup products. It makes skin feel moisturized while boosting glow. And natural makeup brands won’t clog pores.

8. Don’t Stash the Sunscreen: Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean you can pack away your sunscreen. Sun damage (yes, even in cooler months) leads to the appearance of uneven skin tone and fine lines. The simplest way to protect your face is with tinted moisturizer with SPF. Three steps in one and you’re done.These fall beauty tips will keep your skin happy through the season. Now, turn on some football (or reruns of Dancing With the Stars) and kick your feet up with a natural pumpkin spice latte!