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New Year Resolution List: How to Change One Big Thing in 2020

Do you dread making New Year’s resolutions? You promise yourself it will be the year to eat healthy, go to the gym, and take on other wellness practices. But by February first you’ve either forgotten all about your resolutions or given up on them altogether. Sound familiar?

Making changes for the new year in your daily life can have a big impact on your overall wellbeing. Sound like a lofty goal? Think of it as implementing a small change that affects your whole life.

5 New Year Resolution List Ideas With Big Impact

1. Own the Right Scent

Ok, your personal scent may seem to have little to do with the big picture. But if you’re still using traditional perfume, it’s time to make changes for the new year. Take a close look at the scent you wear and see if the ingredient listing includes the term “fragrance” This is an umbrella term commonly used to hide synthetic ingredients. Yes, natural brands use the term too but will often note that fragrance ingredients come from natural sources. Find out how avoiding synthetic fragrance has a big impact on your wellness and switch to a lovely scented natural perfume.

2. Arm Yourself With Natural

Antiperspirants are made with aluminum, which clogs your sweat glands, plus synthetic fragrance ingredients to mask body odor. Switching to a natural deodorant may feel a bit risky. Fortunately, we have tips to help make the swap a snap. Opt for a deodorant made with natural wetness and odor absorbers you can feel good about applying daily.

3. Waste Not

It’s important to have a new year's resolution on your list that benefits the planet as well as your body. Switching to a zero waste beauty routine is not as daunting as you might think. To start, pick one or two items in your routine and replace them with organic skincare products that are zero waste. Your bottle of shampoo can be exchanged for a shampoo bar. Or ditch your disposable razors and buy a reusable one instead. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you try to change everything all at once. Replacing things as you need them is a more realistic approach.

4. More H2O

Your body is made of roughly 60% water. So, it’s no surprise that we need water to not only survive but also to thrive. Hydrating from the inside out affects your muscles, energy level, and skin. The daily recommendation for adult women is about 2.5 liters of water per day and 3.7 for men. Look for ways to meet the daily recommendation that are easy and tasty. Herbal tea is a great option in the colder months. When it starts to warm up, fruit-infused water is perfect. Water-filled fruits and veggies are another great way to make sure your body is hydrated from the inside out.

5. Move It, Move It

Exercise has so many benefits for our mind and body. Set a New Year's resolution to make exercise a regular part of your routine. Instead of settling on a destination, like weight loss, focus on the journey. This could mean incorporating a walk into your morning routine, taking a class with a friend, or hiring a personal trainer. Staying present, enjoying moving your body, and focusing on the holistic benefits of exercise means you’ll be more likely to stick to your resolution.