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Day to Night
Makeup Tutorial
for Women Over 40

It's possible to update your makeup and get out the door with a sophisticated evening look using a small collection of green beauty products.

Using only a few natural makeup products from our Navago Indie brands, international makeup artist Kristen Arnett offers some easy tips that will transform your look from day to night, in just a few short brush strokes. Continue reading...

Recommended by Kristen Arnett
main product image
Aloe Based Liquid Foundation
main product image
Conditioning Eye Shadow
main product image
Nourishing Eye Brow Pomade
main product image
Natural Lash Mascara
main product image
Organic Lipstick - Nourishing Matte
main product image
Refresh Face Mist
main product image
Mineral Blush
main product image
Natural Mineral Foundation - SPF 20
main product image
Sultry Fragrance - Full Roll-On
main product image
Natural Face Highlighter
main product image
Lip & Cheek Color
main product image
Peppermint Lip Balm - Zero Plastic Packaging

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