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Benefits of
a Plant-based,
Vegan Lifestyle

At Navago, we appreciate the connection between food and wellbeing. But sometimes we don't feel as healthy as we'd like.

Are you curious about your own inside/outside connection? Interested in exploring a vegan diet? Or just introducing more plant-based items to your diet? Continue reading ...

Tips for Fall Skincare
Fall is here, which means it's time to let go of our summer skincare routines. read ...

Natural vs Organic: Beware the Differences
Considering the switch to Organic and Natural Skincare? Be mindful. read...

Educating Yourself on Skincare Products
Be aware of what’s on the labels of your lotions, potions, serums and body care. read …

Spotlight Stories & Videos

Good for 'Big Beauty', Not So Good for You
There are natural alternatives to harsh chemical solvents, FD&C colors, and eco-unfriendly packaging.  read ...

Why All the Skincare Preservatives?
What's the science behind the preservative vs shelf life/contamination debate. Dr. Naidu explains. read...

Considering the Switch to Organic Skincare?
Be as mindful of what you put on your body as what you put into it. No compromises necessary.  read ...

Mayur Naturals
The benefits of modern methods mixed with ancient remedies. Mayur Naturals has it all.

Feel beautiful without compromising your health. Dr. Cary explains AILA Nail Lacquers.

Freda & Wolf
Both men & women will benefit from indulging in the Freda & Wolf tonics and serums.

Featured Products
main product image
Rose & Vanilla + Sugar Lip Scrub
main product image
Vegan Sea Salt Spray - Hair Mist
main product image
Fresh Waters for Him Body Butter Moisturizer
main product image
Dark Circle Elixir Serum
main product image
3-in-1 Cheek, Lip and Eye Tint
main product image
Nail Lacquer Petunia
main product image
3-In-1 Nail Color Remover With Pure Argan Oil
main product image
Rejuvenating Face Treatment - Nightly Renewal
main product image
Grace Geranium Himalayan Salt Scrub
main product image
Vegan Blue Tansy Balm - Purifying Cleanser
main product image
Rejuvenating Exfoliating Mud
main product image
A.M. / P.M. Duo - Plump . Clear . Rejuvenate
Good Reads

Best Protein Sources for Vegans
Ready to begin your own vegan voyage? Make sure you’re getting all the important nutrients all the way. read ... 

'Great Pacific Garbage Patch'
A plastic ‘island’ almost twice the size of Texas is floating in the Pacific, between California and Hawaii. read...

Scary Stuff in Your Teen's Personal Care Products
Unfortunately hazardous cosmetic ingredients aren't the only ones that should concern you. read ...

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