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Good for Your Body & Soul, Naturally!

We are dedicated to growing Navago to become your go-to online shopping destination for natural and organic products; current information on trends and developments in the organic and natural field; and unique coverage of brands that provide a holistic approach to total well-being. Our mission is to present our community of users with eco-friendly, natural and organic products, crafted by independent brands who deeply believe in improving our health and our environment.

Our brands have unique and individual stories built on the passion on which their business was founded and the natural products they've developed. Check out their stories on their brand pages and on our videos page.

Why Indie Brands?

Indie brands are at the forefront of introducing some of the most innovative and highest quality products, especially in the areas of natural personal care and wellness. And the indie brands you'll find on Navago each have a unique story and a fresh approach to what they create. But what draws us to the indie brands we bring on? Here are the Top 3 reasons why we do what we do.

1. Passionate Founders

The brands you'll find on Navago all share one thing in common: they were created by incredibly passionate, dedicated founders who have been practicing and living their brand philosophies for years, often for decades. They've been healers, adventurers, nurturers, pharmacists, surgeons, mothers, doctors. And almost all of them, prior to launching their businesses, already had highly specialized knowledge in their specific field.

One of Navago's very first brands was Klō Organic Beauty, a company founded by sisters Nicole and Megan. Realizing that most beauty products on the market contained harmful chemicals, the two sisters teamed up in their kitchen lab to create products made only with organic ingredients. They formulated products of the highest quality that they knew were safe to put on their own skin. What started off as personal beauty fun became a full-blown business in 2014 when the word spread and requests poured in from those who shared their worries about commercial skin care products.

2. Your Well-Being Comes First

There are lots of ways to make a living, but the more you explore Navago the more you'll see that it's your health, mental well-being and overall happiness our partners value. Their motivation is to present opportunities for everyone to make the best and healthiest choices. Dr Nina Naidu, the founder of Anokha Skin Care is a tremendous example of this principle.

Nina, a plastic surgeon, developed her own natural skin care line in response to the demands of her patients for products but only after detailed research on the beneficial aspects for the skin of using various natural ingredients. Knowing how to read the medical literature allowed her to separate what just felt good on the skin from what was truly effective.

3. Eco-Conscientious

Beyond promoting the health and well-being of their customers, Navago partners all share another important characteristic: their founders have responsible, broader visions of the impact that they will have on the planet. This commitment is evident in the way their products are produced, carefully selecting organic and natural ingredients while avoiding toxins and chemicals found in commercial products that not only find their way into our bodies but also into our environment.

This is what attracted us to one of our earliest brands, Herbal Glo and its pharmacist founder, Darryl Segal. His father Lou, also a pharmacist, had discovered the power of natural ingredients in producing lush hair and healthy skin when visiting an African tribe. The natural plant ingredients they were using were from the land and forests around them. Not only did they produce great results, they were truly eco-friendly.

A Takeaway Message

Navago, along with our brand partners and their founders share a mission of making our world a better place through efforts grounded in sustainability, connectivity to nature and the adoption of ingredients that are effective, safe and healthy. Even though we may have a long way to go before all brands share this vision, we believe that supporting these brands and taking a step forward every day will help make the world a little more beautiful and wiser. When you shop on Navago, you can be confident you're keeping yourself as healthy and our earth as green as possible.

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