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Order status: For questions regarding delivery of an item you ordered, login to your user account and click My Orders. Shipping information should be shown beside the item, including the shipper and their tracking number if the vendor provided this. You may access the shipper's site (e.g., UPS) and use the tracking number to check on the status of your order.

If your order hasn't shipped, and it is more than one week since you ordered, contact the vendor through the email address listed in your order confirmation. You may also access this information by clicking here and then clicking on the vendor's logo.

Refunds and other support queries: contact Navago via email at

Are You a Vendor?

Navago hosts a boutique marketplace where vendors can showcase and sell products that are pre-approved by us. Navago also provides marketing programs to help vendors promote themselves and their products online to consumers interested in unique high quality items.

If you are a retailer who can ship products within the USA (and possibly Canada) and would like to know more about the services that Navago offers, please email us at

Are You a Publisher?

Our platform allows you to earn incremental revenue by promoting products relevant to your site visitors. By running our e-commerce ad widget on your site, your visitors can buy items of interest without leaving your site.

To learn about running our in-ad purchasing commerce widget on your site's pages and building a long-tail revenue stream, please email us at