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H2a Botanicals
Warrior Stick
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Reduce Bruising, Aches & Pains

The Warrior Stick promotes balance and harmony below the skinís surface by relieving aches, pains and bruising. Perfect for an on the go, active lifestyle.

Herbal Heart products are fragrance-free, paraben free, GMO free skin care products that have no artificial fillers, are not tested on animals and are homegrown/ handmade with authenticity. Ingredients are Wildcrafted and Organic.

Made in Colorado


Glide Warrior Stick over injured areas and enjoy relief as this powerful infusion supports the bodies healing process.


2 oz


Olive Oil*,, Local Bees Wax*, Love, Vitamin E Oil* Infusion; Arnica*, Authenticity, Calendula*, Rosemary*, Thyme*, St. John's Wort*, Comfrey Leaf*, Gratitude, Slippery Elm Bark*.
Wildcrafted & Organic*

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