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Inkling Scents
A Touch of Rose Fragrance - Mini Roll-On
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Feminine, Romantic, Sweet

Inkling Scents A Touch of Rose is a classic beauty. The central note is rose oil, accompanied by gentle peony. The blend is sweetened by raspberry and blueberry and grounded with a hint of musk. Pure, organic rose petals further enhance the scent and health properties. Rose oil has been known through the ages to be heart healing and mood elevating. It calms the nervous system and boosts the limbic system. It is also known to be an aphrodisiac. Cleopatra used rose oil to entice her lovers, a practice that is used by many shrewd women today. This fragrance is feminine, romantic, sweet and absolutely unique.

All of our scents are 100% pure fragrance and essential oils no alcohol, fillers or carriers.


1/6 oz


Rose, peony, raspberry, blueberry, musk flower

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