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Frisky Fish
EXHALE: Lavender + Eucalyptus Essential Oil Blend
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sharp, penetrating, fresh

Have you ever wished you could experience the spa wherever you go? EXHALE brings you the benefits of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils In a convenient and beautifully labeled glass roll on bottle that fits easily in your purse for aromatherapy on the go.

Amazing for sinus relief, congestion and clearing out old subconscious junk, EXHALE is stimulating, penetrating and fresh.

Keep this sweet little glass roll on in your purse, gym bag or on your nightstand to experience the relaxing aromatherapeutic (we made that word up) benefits of the spa wherever you are.

Let out the old and stagnant so that you can breath in the new with EXHALE.

Frisky Fish essentials believes that essential oils should be accessible, affordable and playful and uses the finest quality essential oils.

Cruelty Free
Alcohol Free
Made in the USA


10 ml / 0.35 oz


Lavender essential oil, Eucalpytus essential oil and Fractionated coconut oil

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