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Moustache Wax
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The ultimate provision to train your moustache.

By using Alluvian Moustache Wax with resins of Boswellia Frereana and Pinon Pine, your hairs will become more shapely with fresh notes of amber, spice, and wood. Local beeswax compliments and provides for a nice hold.


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Heat with hair dryer and apply small amount to mustache or facial hair that needs training. Alternatively, scratch off small amount with back of nail and rub between fingers. Can be applied directly to face as a shave butter. Wet face. Massage small amount of soap into whiskers. Wet fingertips with hot water and massage again.


1 fl oz


Beeswax, Kokum Butter, Boswellia Frereana Resin, Organic Pinon Pine Resin, Organic Coconut Oil, Merino Lanolin, Organic Irish Moss and Tobacco Absolute.

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