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Organic Cotton Menstrual Pad Value Pack B (Qty 4)
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This is a great complete pad value pack to begin a smarter, healthier you, offers a perfect set of pads to give you the best options for light to heavy flows.

They are easy to wear, breathable, and extremely comfortable. Features our Smartsorb™ super absorbency layers ensures leak-free confidence.

Smartliners™ reusable products are made from 100% certified organic undyed cotton with velcro closure. Our affordable feminine products contain No chemicals, pesticides, plastics, or TPUs of any kind, we are completely eco-friendly.

Smartliners™ are washable and maintenance is easy. Simply toss in with your regular wash and dryer with no shrinkage nor reduction in quality.


This value pack includes:
1 x 3-ply period pad (9" x 3”)
2 x 4-ply period pad (9" x 3”)
1 x 4-ply overnight pad (12" x 3")

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