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Gia Minerals
Better Beauty Trial Set
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Switching to green beauty skincare routine is a must so we packed a few of our Gia Minerals skincare products in trial sizes for that better beauty routine. With clean ingredients and fresh-to-order formulations absolute purity meets performance & effectiveness with a focus on fresh hand-picked botanicals to create synergy to your skin while bringing nature’s ingredients at your fingertips to create harmony to the skin as Mother Nature intended.

Better Beauty Set Includes:

Thalassa Toner
Rejuvenating Repair Cream
Green Tea Cleanser
Restorative Brightening Mask
Cute Bag


2 oz Thalassa Toner
.25 oz Rejuvenating Repair Cream
.25 oz Green Tea Cleanser
.25 oz Restorative Brightening Mask

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