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Honey Pot Company

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Honey Pot, the first plant-based feminine care system on the market was founded based on one woman's need and her alarm at the list of ingredients in commercially available solutions Determined to right this, Bea, the founder of Honey Pot, was highly motivated to create a natural solution.

What began as one woman's passion to formulate a natural feminine wash has evolved. The Honey Pot Company now produces a complete line of sensitive and non-toxic wipes, washes and pads that are clean, green and gynecologist-approved.

The Honey Pot essentials are designed to meet the needs of women in all our various life stages without altering the delicate and natural PH balance of our most sensitive parts.

Customized collections are available in menstrual, pregnancy and every day bundles, and each is also sold individually.

As any woman knows, 'if your vagina's not right then nothing is'. Make yours right with natural feminine products from The Honey Pot Company. They're the future of feminine care.