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Kiss Me Honey

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Kellie was on a mission. One day she'd found her small child eating her lip balm. Alarmed by the possible harm to him, she was inspired to create a totally organic, chemical-free alternative. Inspiration quickly led to realization with the founding of Kiss Me Honey and the creation of this line of certified USDA Organic lip products.

Our lips are highly sensitive to changes in heat and humidity. Kiss Me Honey lip balms are specifically designed to combat the effects of the weather and our environment. Use in the winter to hydrate when it's super dry. Layer it on in the summer when your lips are exposed to the heat of the sun.

And use the Kiss Me Honey Lip Polish to exfoliate, treat and condition your lips before applying lip balm.

Kiss Me Honey lip balms are made from 6 organic ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, almond oil, Vitamin E and grapeseed oil. They don't contain any harmful chemicals, pesticides, additives or synthetics.

Lip balms are available in 4 luscious, natural flavors strawberry, coconut, mint and pineapple. Lip Polishes come in strawberry or mint.