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Belegenza Natural Hair Care

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If it's good to put in your body, then it's likely safe to put on your body. Or your hair!

With a combined 40 years of experience in treating and caring for clients' hair, professional stylist, colorist and salon owner Alan, along with his sister Cheryl, a hair color technician, began Belegenza Hair Care.

Not pleased with the overwhelming amount of chemicals and harmful ingredients in the hair care products designed for salon use, the brother and sister team set out to manufacture a higher quality formula that was safe, clean, green and silicone-free. And also highly effective.

PETA-approved and -certified, Belegenza Natural Hair Care products are crafted entirely from food-grade plants, fruits and vegetables. Unlike most commercially available hair care items which use water as their base, Belegenza uses aloe vera as the base element for their products. A plant that grows naturally in their home state of Texas, aloe vera has properties that can repair your scalp and condition your hair, naturally.

The Belegenza Hair Care regimen involves a four-step process: Shampoo/Cleansing, Deep Condition, a Leave-in Treatment and finally a Styling product.

Eco-responsible, curative and silicone-free, Belegenza cares for your hair whether you're heading to a Red Carpet or just watching one on TV.