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John Cowan, the founder of Alluvian, says boys and men have been taught to use 'whatever happens to be in the shower, so long as it smells ok and it lathers'. Fortunately, all that has changed.

Meticulously hand-made with responsibly sourced materials, then shipped in eco-conscious, plastic-free packaging, Alluvian organic shave and body products are tailored for today's man.

Guys feel 'invigorated' after their morning rituals with Alluvian’s luxurious, small batch balms, oils, soaps and lotions, all of which are hand-crafted using aquatic and geologic elements.

Sporting a beard or a 'stashe'? Alluvian produces a full line of organic beard oils and balms designed to keep facial hair soft and well-groomed.

Prefer the hair-free look? Alluvian's organic shaving soaps, serums and accessories make the act of shaving a daily indulgence.

Alluvian’s hygienic, mineral rich, whole body products are produced using eco-friendly packaging, so that a guy can feel good while he's doing good. And he can even look forward to that morning shave…