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Forced to pare back the contents of their backpacks before embarking on a trip to Asia a few years ago, sisters Joyce and Jenny took only plant-based oils. Using them exclusively for their entire trip, they were amazed and overjoyed at the simplicity of the routine and the awesome effect on their skin.

Arriving home, the sisters undertook extensive research on relevant plants, herbs and natural ingredients. The results? A select, handcrafted, curated line that caters to all skin types and ages.

Straight or curly, long or short, Velvette Hair Oil will keep your tresses shiny and lustrous.

Velvette Organics facial products are available in Dry/Mature and Normal/Combination selections, and are specifically formulated for day or night application. Used sparingly, these specialty oils absorb more quickly and will last longer than your usual, cream-based skincare items.

Velvette natural hair, face and body products contain only luxurious plant oils, their extracts and Vitamin E.

What won’t you find? Silicones, parabens, sulphates, toxins or parabens, all commonly found in other conventional over-the-counter beauty items.