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The handwoven textiles used in the creation of our meditation cushions are sourced directly from the weavers themselves.

We travel and purchase the textiles from the weavers at fair-trade costs and then transform their handmade items into goods that help support their art and families.

In many remote and Indigenous communities today, weaving remains the work of women and is often a chosen career that allows women to work from home while taking care of their children. However, the demand and compensation for woven textiles is often low and unpredictable.

At Vanya, we respect the time, energy and effort that goes into weaving and empower these women by traveling to their villages and purchasing textiles directly from them at fair-trade costs.

We then help transform their woven art into a sustainable income while doing our part to preserve tradition and give artisans in remote areas the confidence and support to continue their craft.

The heartfelt stories woven into each textile represents an understanding of the cultural history. By supporting the weavers, we help to sustain their culture and the continuation of these art forms so that future generations can enjoy these traditions.